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Adoption Info

How does it work?

We only accept applications for dogs listed on the Available Dogs page. The weekly updates of the Available Page generally occur on the weekend.

When dogs have a "Pending" banner, it means we are no longer accepting applications for them, and they will be placed in their forever homes soon. Dogs on the Foster Dogs Page are not yet available for adoption, therefore we can't accept applications for them.

When dogs are ready for adoption, their names and stories will appear on the Available Dogs page, and we'll accept applications for them then. Apply for as many of the dogs as you like, but be sure to be specific about how your home and family meets the needs and special attributes of each dog that interests you. Applications are NOT kept on file.

Each application submitted must be accompanied by a $10.00 application fee. The fee is not refundable and assists us in meeting the considerable expenses incurred by our foster dogs. The fees are payable via PayPal during the form submission process.

All applicants will be notified when a home has been selected.  We look carefully at each application and follow up on applications that specifically address each dog's stated needs and best fit the dog's temperament, health, and behavior requirements, so when you are applying, take the time to explain that you have rescue experience, for example, or you have trained a shy dog, or you have experience with dogs with allergies, if these are part of the dog's bio.  These details will help your application rise to the top.  Likewise, if you have a home situation that seems a poor fit on the surface, explain the ways you might make your home work for a dog who needs a fenced yard, for example.  All applicants are notified, one way or another, during or after the selection process is complete.

How long does it take!?

The length of time is variable depending on the individual circumstances. The number of applications that the dog receives, the interviews required and the distances involved in doing a home visit all affect the time required. In some fortunate circumstances, an adoption can be finalized very quickly, sometimes within days!  Other times it may take several weeks or more.  Regardless, we ask for your patience and understanding!  We are an all-volunteer organization and we all have jobs and families and other responsibilities in addition to our work with foster Frenchies. Everyone who applies will be notified when the dog is adopted.

Who decides if I get a dog?

We post each available dog for at least one week, or in the case of very popular dogs, until the dog receives 20 applications, whichever comes first--though we will always leave a dog's page up for 24 hours, even if that means taking in more than 20 applications.  When the threshold has been met, a Pending Banner will go up and no further applications will be accepted.

It is best to check the website every week to see if a foster dog you have been following has become available. As a special feature, we are now including “Sneak Peeks” on the Available Dogs page. These are dogs that will be available in the following week’s update. By watching the Sneak Peeks, you can be sure to get your application in on time for that special dog.

Applications are forwarded to the foster family who lives with and cares for the foster dog. The foster family then selects the two or three candidates whose applications appear to best meet the foster dog's needs.  FBRN contacts veterinary references, the foster home does a phone interview with the top applicants, and we schedule home visits.  All these steps take time.

Our foster families may apply for their own foster dogs, however they must follow the same rigorous process as anyone else. In those cases, the interviews and final selection are handled by the FBRN management team. Whichever applicant is the best choice will be selected regardless. In most cases, the dogs adopted by foster families are ones that no one else has applied for; they often have chronic medical or behavioral problems. In 2012, only one percent of the placeable dogs found forever homes with the foster parents.

Will you ship?

An extremely important part of the FBRN adoption process is the transfer from the foster parent to the adoptive family. There is great value in a face-to-face meeting, including an opportunity to discuss FBRN policies, the dog’s unique personality and routines, and any questions the adopters may have, as well as the celebratory aspect of taking forever home photos and saying goodbye. For these reasons, FBRN prefers to have the adoptive parents travel to complete the transfer.

 It is not FBRN’s intention, however, to discourage applications because travel to the dog’s location is impossible.

FBRN is always looking for the best applicant for each individual dog and in certain cases, especially with special needs dogs, FBRN may be able to assist in arranging transport to an FBRN volunteer near the adoptive family. We need to maintain a face-to-face transfer with all the discussions and formalities necessary with an adoption. We will explore options available and do what we can to work with an adopter in unique circumstances.

FBRN will never ship a dog as cargo in any circumstance as this is an extremely dangerous practice. FBRN will make every effort to keep costs minimal, especially in cases of special needs dogs, but costs may be substantial and are usually the responsibility of the adopter, just as the cost of travel to the dog would be. So if a special dog in some far-off place takes your fancy and you believe you can provide the best home, please do not let distance deter you from applying.

Are they healthy?

All of our available dogs are spayed or neutered, are current on their vaccinations, and are already implanted with a microchip registered to FBRN prior to placement. Dogs have been treated for all medical conditions of which we are aware, and any ongoing or chronic conditions will be explained and any treatments or medications will be clearly described to applicants before adoption occurs. You will be given all health information available on your adopted dog.

When ongoing or chronic conditions that require significantly more than the usual effort and/or expense of caring for a dog exist, FBRN may designate that dog as Special Needs.  Dogs for whom the prognosis is poor due to very advanced age and/or disease are designated as Hospice dogs and remain in foster care for the rest of their lives.

What are the fees for adopting a dog?

 Our adoption fee for dogs under two years and healthy is $900; for dogs 2 to 8 years and healthy is $550; and for dogs over eight years or with special needs is $400 (in U.S. funds.) Since we are a volunteer organization funded entirely by contributions, we count on your continuing support as well as your adoption fees to help defray the costs of caring for our foster dogs. We are delighted to accept any amounts in U.S. funds over these minimum fees to help other dogs in our care. Payment must be made by PayPal.