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Vet Costs

FROM TIME TO TIME, we hear detractors of rescue dismissing FBRN and our fellow rescue groups as being in it "for the money." They point to the high cost of adopting a dog from FBRN and make uninformed, cynical statements about how we must be raking in the dough. They may use the fees we charge as evidence that rescue is no better than backyard breeders, and they may ask why anyone would surrender a dog to us for free when they could sell their dog on Craigslist and get some money, just like FBRN does. In truth, it is wise to do what our mothers would tell us to do in the face of these sorts of claims: Consider the source.

Many visitors to our site like to dream of the day when they will own a Frenchie, maybe from FBRN or maybe from a dedicated, responsible breeder. We sincerely hope no one who visits this site will purchase a puppy sight unseen over the Internet or from a pet shop! But consider this: applying for a dog from FBRN is about looking to help a dog who needs help. Not all the dogs on these pages are perfect puppies. Mostly they are dogs with special needs, both behavioral and physical. Many are senior dogs. Some have been mistreated. Some have been neglected. Many come with baggage. Most will require extra effort in training, medical care, and attention.

Don't come to rescue to get an "inexpensive" French bulldog. Even though we vet our dogs thoroughly, and we don't place them until they are healthy or have a lifelong treatment plan in place, many adopters discover they will spend a great deal more on a rescue dog than they would on a full-priced, healthy dog from a reputable breeder when all is said and done.

Come to rescue to adopt your dog because you want to help a dog who has had a hard go of it. Apply for a rescue dog because you have something to offer and because you want to help a dog who needs it. Choose to support rescue because of the work rescue does.

The next time you hear someone say that rescue is in it for the money, come home, boot up your computer and read some of the stories on these pages. We--our supporters, our volunteers, our adopters--know we are in it for the dogs. If you don't believe it, just do the math.