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If you would like to make a donation in honor of a special celebration (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.), or to memorialize a much adored family pet or a special family member whose love for pets was well known, then please think about making a donation to FBRN as a tribute.

Your loved one's name will be added to our "In Honor Of" page. Every time people visit the site, they will know that your honoree has done something to give the FBRN rescue frenchies a chance at a loving, caring life in their own forever home!

To pay tribute to someone, or in celebration of their honor, please click on the PayPal link below and be sure to include your loved one's name in the "notes" section.

Thank you for choosing to support FBRN with your gift!

No donation is required to post a memorial of your dog.

If you would like to post a memorial please email your message and no more than 2 photos to Please allow up to 2 weeks for your memorial to post here.

2021 In Honor of and general Donations:


In memory of Fran Holmbraker:

Jeanne Macomber

Donation for garden containers Nicole C . made for me! Sally Curatola

Frenchie Coffee Roasters LLC

We told our dad to help out our fellow frenchies in need! Love - Lotus & Nelson

In memory of beautiful Mushka Camputo. Rosanna Piazza

The Pugly Company LLC

In memory of Chico 8/26/07-1/24/21. Tasha Derrick

In honor of Lisa and Norman. Eric Morse

Blythe Brenden

Alexandra Mae Dickinson

In loving memory of Margo. Megan Day

Amber Bagaley


Best Friends Society

Magaly Colon

In loving memory of my mini-me, Evelyn, who now lives in my heart. Pamela Papineau

Randy Nittoli

susan lea

In memory of Lucy, forever in my heart. Janis Johnson

Kelly Pyle

Joseph Rice

Dan Dovell

Joanne Cabanting

In honor of FBRN Grad Lita/Zoe. We miss your spark, soft belly, and commands to play. Sandra Yang

Rachel Harper

Mary Ellen Tormey

Rachael Anderson

in memory of Bette. Mary Ann Schwartz

In memorial of Baron, our sweetest boy. Jessi Larson

In memory of our beloved Dewey. John Schuster

Gift made in loving memory of Louie. Jami Latham

In memory of Francine who would have been 14 years old today. Joanne Marino

In loving memory of Henry, best friend of Emmett (FBRN 2013). Mari Sasano

For marino. In memory of Bodhi. xoxo Laura and Sara

In memory of Baron. Shannon Thomas

This is in honor of Joan and Jack Corbett and in memory of Tallulah. Elinor Weissman

In memory of Tupelo. Patricia Ringen


Michael Capps

In Honor of Jerry, 2010-2021. With Love, Hillary & Alex DiTullio

Dennis Beech

In honor of Bonjournino aka Neens Birthday. Jennifer Rocha

In Honor of Franklin from the Moon Pieds. Kathryn Roberts

In celebration of Suki's 5th Birthday. Gail White

In honor of Josh Powell, and in memory of Brenda Jo Newcomer. Jennifer Powell

Justin Maggs

Michael Parton

manesh potluri

In loving memory of Raisinpig Talley (7 June 2003 - 6 February 2011). Ten years ago I told her that I would miss her every day for the rest of my life and I've kept my promise. I'm happy to have her 13 yr old granddaughter next to me as I write this. Russ Talley

Layla is gone but never forgotten. Love, Courtney, Kirsten, Linda, Nikki, and Wanda
In Loving Memory of Winnie. Joy Ingoglia
Lorraine Schrieber
You all are amazing! I know it's not much and I wish house was large enough to extend to help foster but I hope it helps a little towards the care of your pups.  Brittney Brewington

In loving memory of our sweet Frenchie boy Patek (Poopslee) - we love and miss you very, very much xoxo - Marla Stack & Dave Powell

Paying forward the kindness of Doug Allan. Christopher Jenschke

In recognition of Megan Bloomer. Pai-Ling Yin

In memory of Panda. Joyce Ananian

In Honor of ALENA. May ALL the Frenchies found their furever home. Michiko Ogata

This donation is in the name of Griffin, a Frenchie who crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. His owner is a friend. Meghan Ford

In Memory of Fannie Belle who passed away on January 2nd 2021 at 12. 5 years. Sending love to a rescue! James Wawrzewski

In honor of Baron! Patrick McLoughlin 

Ira and his new Mom, Mary, paying it forward just a wee bit. 3

 Chichi’s 5K fundraiser for FBRN on Johns Island. Aerial Fitness & Hot Yoga

Hiro & Hennessy piggy banks. Libby Hendren

this donation is in honor of Abbie’s 22nd birthday. Nitha Viraporn

For Yana. Brandee Albert

In memory of French bulldog Pierre Bickley. Veronica Lam

In loving memory of Dolly.Joy Ingoglia

In loving memory of Lucy, our Angel Frenchie. And in honor of Sassafras (‘20 grad) and FBRN, you have helped to heal our hearts. FBRN volunteers are angels on Earth. Courtney Jolin

In memory of Alexander DiMisa. Eric Heybroek

In memory of our darling Spike AKA Santino who we lost almost three years ago to the day. He was 13 years old and he passed here at our home, five years after we adopted him. Thank you FBRN! Alina Romo

In memory of Baron, beloved pet of Dan Miller and Jessi Larson. Vicki Haugen

In Honor of Kayla Mae. Gary Rippa

In memory of our little nugget, Oliver. We miss you every single day. ~your Mommy and Daddy

In memory of Stella. Lauren Rossouw

This is in loving memory of Henri, our #1, and in honor of his mother, the best dog mom ever. Henri left us this weekend, just short of mother's day. His poor frenchie body just couldn't continue. Henri wasn't an FBRN grad, but he was the best big brother to many FBRN fosters and he is the one that brought us to bullies. You are THE BEST! We love you buddy, Mom & Dad.

Candice Brown

For Kristin - In loving memory of Sully, the most handsome boy who will be forever in our hearts. Love, Debra & Beau

In honor of Little Jesse the Frenchie's first birthday. May he live a long and wonderful life by your side.  Anna John

This donation is in honor or Tiffany Mcquirk. Happy Birthday! Walter Banziger

In celebration of national floppy jowl day. michele morelli

In loving memory of Cookiepig on her birthday (30 June 2003 - 4 November 2015). Russ Talley 

In loving memory of our precious Peanut, the sweetest little angel we could have ever asked for, we wanted to help other frenchies find loving, caring homes to live full, healthy and happy lives. Thank you FBRN for all of the incredible work you do. in Wellness Systems LLC

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP

In Honor of Justice's birthday! Susan Danna

In loving memory of Poundcake Freeman. Kerry Malak

Please accept our donation in memory of the most handsome Caesar, adopted from FBRN, forever loved and adored by Julie Haines and family. Thanks for all you do! Deborah Cukr

Arm The Animals

Donating in honor of the life of Stitch Everitt. Ellen Robinson

In loving memory of Roxiepig (17 August 2003-16 July 2017). Russ Talley

In memory of our sweet boy, Baron. Jessi Larson

In Honor of our sweetest and handsome boy, Francois, whom we adopted through the network. He passed at the age of 12 6/29/2021. We live you "FOI FOI" as your babies called you. You made our lives so much richer. James, Jen, JJ, Arya, Bella, Kit-Kit, Myla and Zuma

In memory of our beloved frenchie, Ozzy, who unexpectedly passed away on Monday. Jessica Rottkamp

In loving memory of Hank- You are forever in our hearts. Amelia Santini

Melissa Savage

In loving memory of Raisin Talley on her birthday (7 June 2002 - 6 February 2011). Russ Talley

In loving memory of Oatmeal Talley (31 October 2001 - 29 May 2012). Russ Talley

Scott Sansone

Deena Steward

Dope Dog's donation from the Instagram Event last weekend!


Jamie Osmanson

We would like to donate in memory Pepe the Frenchie, of the Greer family.  Trina & Nick

In honor of our beloved Theo. You all saved our boy and helped him find his forever humans. We hope this will help others do the same to live out the best chapters of their lives, just like our boy was able to. jessica parrish

This donation is in memory of Poppy (the great) our wonderful frenchie who recently passed. He lived to be 15 years and 3 months old. He was a once in a lifetime dog who we dearly loved. Molly Losey

David Griffith

Thank you for ResQWalking with Best Friends Animal Society. We are as grateful as ever for your participation in the ResQwalk community. 

This honors Buckley Chase Duncan. He passed yesterday (7/27/21) after having bravely recovered from a delamination procedure in 2018 (8) and succumbed to relentless seizure activity. He was awesome! Hopefully this helps another dog live longer. James Duncan

 This donation is in honor of Jessica Smith’s French bulldog, Peanut. Cathy Smetana









2020 In Honor of and general Donations:


 Murph memorial.jpg

In honor of Murphy, loved forever. From Marie and Hubert

In loving memory of Murphy Click. @murphyownsus Danielle Place

On Honor of Murphy. Devin Ikram

In memory of Murphy. Cassie Bernier

This donation is in memory of the legend Murphy O’Howleran Click and in honor of his family, Merl, Rachel, and Valentina Click. Amy Surber

In loving memory of Murphy #moniesformurph Robyn Bitner

This donation is in loving memory of the community’s beloved, Murphy. #moniesformurphy Stephanie Golaszewski

In honor of Murphy Click #moniesformurph Love, the Ritcheys

Miss you Murphy Love , Ollieishandsome

Money for Murphy. William Bowman

In honor of Murphy. Cristina Peters

In loving memory of Murphy (@murphyownsus)  Stephanie Wright

Rest In Peace sweet Murphy! We will miss seeing your sweet face on social media. We will be thinking of your parents as they grieve the loss of their baby boy. Zachery Dunn

In memory of my very best friend, Murphy. -Lily & family #moniesformurphy

In loving memory of MURPHY, who brought us a ton of smiles over the years. With love, Banksy & family @lucyandleroy

In memory of Murphy (@murphyownsus), a small boy with a mighty personality. We will miss your sweet face. Darcie Jardot

#moniesformurph Miss u Murphy . . . we love u Luv ur fren, havoc the rescue #havocofmadhatterland

MoniesforMurphy In memory of frenchie Murphy  George Hopwood

In memory of Murphy. #moniesformurph Gail White

For Murphy! Christy Fazeli

In memory of murphy. Burke Burke

A little something in memory of our favorite little chicken nugget Murphy. Miss you buddy. Thank you for all you've done for Frenchies everywhere! #MoniesForMurph. Michael Hanscom

In loving memory of Murphy O'Howleran Click. Sarah Familette

In memory of Murphy, Mary Furse

In honor of FBRN volunteer Murphy #moniesformurph. Rachel Click

In memory of Murphy. amanda tedrick

#moniesformurph Such a sweet sweet boy! Ive followed your rescue for years and love seeing all the happiness you all bring to these frenchie babies. Thank you for all you do and in honor of Murphy. Kristin Kramer

In memory for Ernie Sastrawidjaja and Murphy O'Howleran. Stephan Sastrawidjaja

this is a donation in memory of Murphy (#moniesformurph) Katherine Pitman

in honor of #moniesformurph, Marie Tinch

#moniesformurph Ryan Cheng

monies for murphAllyson Gomez

In honor of dear sweet Murph. Love, Mordecai

Monies for Murph! Andres Lopez

in loving memory of murph :) Christina Bucci

#moniesformurphy Monica Apodaca

#moniesformurph Brennen-Scott Ogawa

#moniesformurph Amber Knapp

#moniesformurph Holly Smiles

#moniesformurph Amy Decker

#MONIESFORMURPH Christine Treviranus

#moniesformurph #memoriesofmurph Stephanie Trcka

#moniesformurph Eunyoung Howell

in loving memory of Murphy O'Howleran Kate Garrett

Merry Christmas! Love, the Bad Tag family Cristen, Olive, Larry, Lily and Peri Pineapple. 

In loving memory of Ginger and her love she shared with everyone. Mark Cowan

Thank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs. Please use where most in need. Happy holidays! Kellen Owings

In honor of Frank from his furry buddies Jackson and Franklin.


in honor of: Marlin and Scup. Todd Bidwell

In memory of FBRN Grad Anja. Tamara MacDonald

Anthony DeVinney 

In honor of Taco Hall and the Hall family. Robson Bassett

Spreading Joy in memory of Stella Grace. Jeanne Macomber

In honor of Nancy and Brooklyn. Shari Clark

Jennifer Lucibello

Lisa Wagner


In Honor of Kara Burns. Thank you for all that you do for these sweet pups. Nicole Westfall

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Christmas. Russ Talley

In honor of Melissa Hines and her love for Frenchies! Frances Hines

In honor of Sarah Barry. Emily Morgan

Merry Christmas Sara, Remi, Chili, & Nakita (and fish). christy magdaleno

Blythe Brenden


This donation is dedicated Rebecca West Rothman and BLUEBERRY (Grad FBRN) from LuBarks Premium Dog Treats (Luna, F. R. O. G. S. alumni)

Elizabeth Phan

This donation is given in the memory of Sara DuRoss - she was a lover of all animals and especially her beloved French Bulldogs. Christy Johnson

Mark Scott

Kimberly Shubert

In loving memory of my piggy girls Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Thanksgiving. Russ Talley

Alison Stewart

This donation is in memory of our beloved little Zippy, who recently crossed the Bridge. Thank you to Joan for all of your help over the years! Bette, David and Manda Kaplan

In memory of Zippy Kaplan. Judith Fitzpatrick

In loving memory of our sweet frenchies: Annie Oakley, Ginger Rogers, Rudy, Lucy and Rosie. Forever in our hearts. Nancy Best

Kaitlyn Gaudreau

Heidi Polder

Donate on behalf of Alena & MACaroon :) Michiko Ogata

Happy holidays and God bless! Valerie Shea

allergy testing for volunteers dog Tucker.  Christi Wycoff

This donation is in memory of Hugo Court, an irascible and handsome one-eyed smooshy boy who was adored by everyone he knew. May he pee all over Heaven just like he peed all over his mama's house. Love you, old man! Hugo's mama is Sandra Court, who adopted FBRN grad Eleanor (fka Aquitaine) in 2017. Sadly, Eleanor crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 7 weeks after adoption. Jules Caruso

This donation is in memory of The Colonel. We are so sorry for your loss. Love, The Abramsons

Happy Howlidays from Brady and Family


Jarryd Reyes

Sydney Davis

Angela Lagan

Laura Kellough

Epiphany Consulting Group, Inc.

Zoey Golden

Roxanne Potosky

Hunter Smith

Michael Chambers

Kent Christensen

Ben Hochberg

Vanessa Perry

Jeff Little

Thomas Brandt

In honor of Louie Schalleur. Trish Tokarczyk

In honor of Joan & Jack Corbett. Happy Holidays! Helen Raleigh

In Honor of Daniel Webster Animal Hospital, for the awesome care they have given our Frenchies! Jill Crawford

Donating in honor of our late Porsche (formerly "Portia" adopted Dec 2010) who crossed over the rainbow bridge in March 2019. Also for her big brother Enzo, our first Frenchie who inspired us to rescue her, who passed just 3 months shy of his 15th birthday this June 8, 2020. We've known some incredible dogs, but none that have come close to stealing our hearts as these two did. One day we hope to rescue from you again. Happy Holidays, and good riddance to 2020! Here's to a brighter, healthier and happier 2021! Thank you for all of your hard work, and all that you provide for these wonderful dogs, ESPECIALLY this year. Christopher Annibale

In honor of Beth . . The world’s best Frenchie foster mom!!! Maria Misenhelter

This donation is in honor and memory of Quinn. We will miss your cuddles, cuteness, and spunk every day. xoxo, Paige and the Logans

In honor of Eleni's good boy Quinn, from Gem House

In honor of Julia & Terek Kristina Jelleme

In honor of Pumpkinpig's 13th birthday (17 December). Russ Talley

 Thank you for all that you do for these amazing dogs. My Georgie is the best decision I have ever made and I hope this small gift can help the babies in your care. Kendall Roberts

My name is Meagan Lewis and I adopted Scout (formerly known as Sadie Bugg) on October 2nd 2010.  She peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge two weeks ago and I wanted to reach out and thank you.  She was a very itchy girl but never complained through the allergist and homeopathic vet plus our regular vet!  She would have been 12 on Christmas Eve but was diagnosed in late July with lymphoma. I loved her so and will miss her always.  Thank you for bringing these lovable lemons to people like me. Meagan Lewis


In memory of Petra and Keith Belair's beloved girl, Tulie. Soar high,
sweet one, and enjoy sniffing the breeze, chomping on your squishy
ball, and having everlasting cuddles. We love you! Michelle Wolf

Tulie mem.jpeg


in loving memory of Cookiepig (30 June 2003 - 04 November 2015) Russ Talley

In memory of Graham. Luiza Grimberg

In Memory of Charlie Maisel. Kathryn Christensen

In memory of Tugboat, fur baby of Natalie. 

Abby Dixon

Julie Montalbano

In loving memory of Olive Gorman. Elizabeth Christie

Kimberly Gunning

In loving memory of Oatmealpig on Halloween/her birthday (31 Oct 2001 - 29 May 2012)

Honoring Wally’s Birthday celebration by Guelay! David Boyer

For Wally’s birthday celebration! Patricia Watkins

Amy Surber, Newman, and the DalekoArts Trivia Extravaganza.

Dear FBRN, we appreciate all you do for our flat-faced love bugs! xoxo -Bruno, Bumbo, & Kaitlyn

In loving memory of Daisy (formerly Falina). Jeffery Hartley

Richard Stout

Amy Surber

Northeast Boston Rescue

In honor of Midget ("Midge"), fur baby of Megan Cloninger. Cara & Brian Couture


In memory of Midget. Forever loved and never forgotten. Cathy Cantrell

Dennis A Sauer

In loving member of Ms. Lilly, Julius Edward, and Benny too. All of you are forever in our hearts. Rory-Lee, Chester-Roo, and Aliza Pearl, and our pawrents. Hilo, HI

Donation from Frenche Clothing :) premium brand frenchies

In loving memory of Toro. We miss you everyday, baby boy. 


In memory of Daisy Scentsy Fundraiser from Kate & Tyson Biwer

Blythe Brenden

Happy Birthday Daisy! Christina Roura

This donation is in honor of Toro Butts the Frenchie, Dana M Smith

In loving memory of Gladys, FBRN '18. Kathy Brady

In Memory of Edward and Lily, Two French Bulldogs. JAMES ANTHONY

In Honor of " Two French Bulldogs" Lily & Edward Love, The Moon Pieds

In Memory of Edward and Lily, Two French Bulldogs. Brandie Jones

 In memory of our late Nikki Goodfellow ( Nikita), for her sister Camille who is now in hospice . We think of you often and are sending all our love and snuggles. We will be forever grateful for FBRN, thankful for all that you do . Love. Zoe&Andrew

Our beloved frenchie Laila just turned 7 years old, and would like to make a donation to FBRN. Thank you for all the great work that you do!! Ravi Gill

Emily Pritchett

Happy Birthday to Daffy Daphnepig. Russ Talley

Jon Snow (Aug 2016 - Aug  2020). JS, you will be truly missed and were not only the true king of the north but the king of our hearts. Sara Dwyer                 

In memorial for "Boots" in the Artle family. Tetine Ahlstrom

Although Boot was a Boston Terrier (our friends mixed up the breeds) he was a sweet lover of all breeds! Our family had the most amazing 13.5 years with him and he will be forever missed. He loved to snuggle, take long naps in the sunshine, and go on walks. RIP Boot, we will love you always. Melissa Artle


In honor of Shawn David Terry's 53rd birthday. Sarah Slamen

In loving memory of Bruce. dk


In Honor of my friend Bradley Folds; with his Frenchie, Henry. We all miss him and his great sense of humor. Westleigh Walker


In honor of Bradley Folds. Jennifer Lester 

In memoriam of Bradley Folds, who make me feel at ease during a very difficult time. His personality & role at “work” made a difference to me. Cassie Ebert

In loving memory of the brother of a friend, Bradley Folds. In his honor, and love of French Bulldogs, is this donation made. Respectfully, -Geo. H. L. P.

In honor of Bradley Folds. Much Love, The Franklin Family 

In the Memory of Bradley Folds. Daryl Mullee

In memory of Bradley Folds. Angela Cofino

In Honor of Bradley Folds by Clicker & Her Family

Our deepest sympathies are with the Folds family during this difficult time. Love Mike Reuschel and the entire ODC Team

On behalf of Bradley Folds - from the Partners and Staff at Koss Olinger

In Memory of Bradley Folds. Joakim Nordqvist

In memory of Bradley Edward Folds, from Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow, P.A.

In Memory of Bradley Folds. Jennifer Wilkerson

In Memory of Bradley Folds. Claudia Brill

In Honor of Bradley Folds. Bradley, we know you are with King Henry, Queen Angel, and Remington da Man. James and Peggy McElhiney

Welcome to the good life, new FBRN fosters! With hugs and Frenchie kisses, from Sydney, Rocket, Zoe, and Rocco.

Nathan Cook

Please use this money as General giving to help where needed. It is from our 9 year son, Brayden. He has chosen to give 10% of his allowance to help save Frenchies! Erica Laine

On behalf of Molly Rodrigano! Nancy Coronado

In loving memory of Nanners Parsons. Katie Schaffenberger

In honor of Zoey. Niall Connors



In memory of Walnut. He lived the happiest life with his paw-rents, who loved him so much that they enthusiastically served his dinner (it was the only way he would eat it) and gave him all the cuddles. He will be missed. Happy trails.Aleksandra Sagan

In loving memory of Snugs, who was my best friend. You will always hold a comforting place in our hearts! Emily White

For all your amazing work, in memory of my beautiful Frenchie boy Oscar. I miss you so much pig. xxxxx. Martyn Forsyth

This is in honor of Sharon Miles. I won her beautiful glass photo frame in the auction for a steal. . . and I don't want to be a thief! Sharon donated both her artwork and the shipping. I just wanted to make sure FBRN got something closer to the true value of her donation. Laura Turner

in honor of Millie, the best loaf. Nora Last

Robert Kagenski

In honor of Nibbler. angel malhotra

In Memory of Ginny “Ginny Boo Boo” who was loved and is dearly missed by her family: Gerry, Melissa, and Eleanor.  May her memory live on forever. Jason Evan


In memory of Arlo. Kristina Tilli

David Gaitanis

In honor of Kathi Luljak. Brett Landow

In memory of Roxiepig on her birthday (17 July 2003 - 16 June 2017) Russ Talley

Happy Birthday to Daisypig (14 July 2013) Russ Talley

In memory of Cookiepig (30 June 03 - 4 Nov 15) on her birthday. Russ TalleyHappy 12 1/2 Birthday to Pumpkin (17 December 07). Russ Talley

In Honor of Tonka Frucheys. Deborah Gatchell

Judith Loy

In loving memory of Frankie Petsch Nieto. Love, Rachel, Barry and Rue

In honor of Magz Stanley, best boy. Joan Cleveland

In loving memory of Hugo, who was the world's best French Bulldog. Mark Hardwicke

Best Life Leashes

In memory of Dylan (Moore). Phalla Yann

In memory of Marshall. Bonnie Chakravorty

For any of the fur babies who need a extra treat or care. Thank you for all you do. Carole Bumbac

Donated in Memory of Coco Wilkinson. Erica True

Rori Brennan

Meaghan McKeon

We would like to honor Enzo Annibale, an amazing French Bulldog who just passed, three months shy of his 15th birthday. He was not a rescue, but came from a breeder who took very good care of him. After several years with his adopted family, they together adopted Porsche (Portia) from FBRN. She became his partner for about 9 years before she passed. Enzo was a very loving, silly, and fearless Frenchie who will be very missed. He is now together with Porsche and other friends and can rest peacefully. This donation is in honor of Enzo, because he would want other Frenchies and pups alike to have a great, long life like he did. 3 Love Auntie & Uncle

On Behalf of Chris and Blaire Giuffrida. Jonathan Shankman

In honor of Frankie, Ashley Vu

In honor of MAC and Alena. Thank you for all the efforts FBRN put into rescuing Frenchies. Michiko Ogata

Lauren Sutherland 

3 Bruno, Lucky, & Jean. Jarryd Reyes

In memory of Raisinpig on her birthday (07 June 2002-06 February 2011). Russ Talley

This donation is in memory of Gizmo Dlugos. from Dave Havrilla and Karen Schneider to Tim and Julie Dlugos 

Donating on my 31st birthday on behalf of my french bulldog Rocky. We hope his extended frenchie relatives are able to find their Furever Families! The Uncut Jems

In memory of Roxiepig (17 July 03 – 16 June 17). Russ Talley

We started a project of making masks for people and also wanted to support Frenchies in need. Many of the proceeded have been donated to Frenchie Rescue. Other enthusiasts have joined in to make the donation more significant . Thank you for helping Frenchies in need. Danielle Silverstein

In memory of Oatmealpig (31 Oct 2001-29 May 2012) Russ Talley

WCH Enterprises

In memory of our sweet Yogi Berra aka Yogibogey, Pigboy, #snoreaga. 6. 16. 10-5. 14. 20 Jodi, Aron, Lucian and Brooklyn Pacelli

In honor of National Flappy Jowl Day. Erica Schlaug


I hope this can go to many frenchies in need. From Beau in CA

Bonnie and Clyde, you two were the best friends anyone could ask for. You brought so much joy to my life and I'll remember you always. Logan From

#GivingTuesday In loving memory of my sweet boy Louie. Tara Bonino

In loving memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance, with love, The Surkin Family

In loving memory of FBRN '17 Grad Walfred. Kathy Brady

In memory of Whitney Ballance from Greenville Pathology Billing Dept

For Lola’s visits to vet. Michael Hanscom

In honor of Nicole Ciccaglione's photography skills. Sally Curatola

Donation as thank you to Nicole Ciccaglione for the memory gifts for 2 of our local groups Frenchie losses. Mindi Freedman

In honor of Rosie and Ivy! Happy Birthday, Rosie! Jodi Lamont


Tamara MacDonald

In memory of Marcellus Wallace Caudle. Miranda Dover

I adopted Neo in the fall of 2018 and he’s been my spoiled baby ever since! Thank you so much for bringing this little meatball into my life! Mary Kay Murta

In memory of Whitney Ballance. Benjamin Coulter 

In loving memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance from Dr. Cue.

In memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance from Uncle Ray, Aunt Ellen, Dane and Scott

In Memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance-From Eastern Radiologists, Inc

Kensington Tours donates in honour of Whitney Ballance.

gary bryant

In memory of Alice Rich McGowan. Jan Dyer

Thank you for letting us do a promotion with you!! John & Kim & Basil & Bordeaux aka Barrel Dogs

In honor of Kathy Deeny Kozubal and her mask making abilities! Sally Curatola

Donated for Ivy the French Bulldog! May she be determined as ever! Christine Guarino

Denise Orfant

To celebrate the life of Whitney Ballance. Mission sunshine fund

In memory of Whitney Ballance from Tate and Charla Holbrock

This is from Tammy Lee with First Citizens Bank in memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance who passed away on 4/8/2020.

Louis Corso

Brandon Bickford

In honor and memory of Nancy Clark and her pup Brooklyn. Jackie Rasmusson

in honor of Nancy Clark and Brooklyn. Shari Clark

In loving memory of sweet Rosie (FBRN's 2014 Grad Miriam Rose) who loved napping in the sun and snacking on chicken and cheese. We were very lucky she lived 6 of her 12.5 years with us and made our lives all the more richer. She was a sensitive, quiet gal who enjoyed lounging with her siblings, Rudy and Lucy but in later years thrived as an only pup. We will always love and miss her, Mom and Dad.

Donation by Emergence Capital on behalf of FBRN supporter Irina Weintraub. 

To the Amazing People and Pups of FBRN, you are loved and appreciated! -Bruno & Lucky
For Kat and her love of dogs. Andreja Prijatelj
Donation from Pooch Patisserie Baking Company's tip jar
In memory of Dewey Schuster( 2010-2020) Bob Schuster
In loving memory of Chris Drinkwater. You will always be in our hearts and minds. Love your LT Burger Family 



In honor of Alex for her birthday, Sarah Mitchell
Patrick Murray
In honor of Igor, beloved pet of Chris and Dave and part of our family. Love, Mom, Dad, Lara, BG, Russel, Tracy, Laird & Abby
In honor of Norman and Lisa Poggiali on her birthday. Happy Birthday. Eric Morse
Wherever needed most for medical care for the all the beautiful frenchie puppers! :) Agnes Zacarias
Annick Chartier
In memory of Baxter. Amanda Bradlinski

In honour of Saul Israel for his 5th Birthday. Alexis Greene

Happy Birthday Zachery,  I look forward to so many more years of helping and loving the bulldogs with you!!

Terry Roy

Suzanne Clements

Kim Hardy 

Amy Surber 


Jenni Grubba Events

From a Frenchie mom, hoping these Frenchie fosters find their forever homes. Lindsey Hoyt

On days that I am really missing my Boston Bowser and our Frenchie Dottie I like to make a donate to a rescue in their honor. In memorial of the best doggos ever. Amy Cataldo

In Memory of Tugboat. Mary Ann Willett

In memory of Bogart, a beloved member of the Hodgson family    

In honor of my our gram, Connie Cole, whom loved animals and adoption centers for animals in need. Happy Birthday Gram. Lisa Berry

In memory of our sweet Harley. Randi Chappell

For Nino's birthday. Justus Cox

In memory of my best friend, Fenway. Lisa Doyle

Help with medical bills. XOXO from Ziggy & Otis

Squishy Faces - sales donation

In support of Lisa McDowell. Megan Bloomer

Hello FBRN, Thank you so much for letting us adopt Helena, hopefully this small donation would able to help Frenchies which needed the most :) Michiko Ogata

In memory of Raisinpig. I told Raisinpig (7 June 02 - 6 Feb 11) I would miss her and think of her every day for the rest of my life. It's been 9 yrs and so far I have kept my word. Russ Talley

Jason Matthew Mann

For Kelsey S. Anne M Seguin

Deborah Tullos

This donation is in honor of Bronco. We will miss all you chirps, grunts, snorts, kisses and hugs. You were such a good boy! Thank you for all the love you showed us. We love you, The Mommy & DaddyThis donation is in honor of Bronco. We will miss all you chirps, grunts, snorts, kisses and hugs. You were such a good boy! Thank you for all the love you showed us. We love you, The Mommy & Daddy

In memory of Lola. kim maisenbacher

Erin Zirbel

In Memory of Banks Pierce. Kathryn Horner

In honor of my Frenchie Izzie who passed this week. Lindsay DuRoss

John Tucker




2019 In Honor of and general Donations:

Happy New Year, Frenchies! Love, The Crosleys

We look forward to supporting more in 2020!! The Barrel Dogs Team

A small expression of my enormous appreciation of FBRN volunteer Ashley Mucha for her invaluable advice and support when I was in over my head with a heffalump of a foster Frenchie (with fear aggression)from a *different* rescue organization that didn't support me at all. Thank you FBRN for your great work. - Helen

This donation is made in memory of Bonnie Kilburn.  Steve Coleman

From Miso! Joseph Rice

In memory of Herman Caudle, on behalf of Sheri and Jeff Caudle. Miranda Dover

In thanks to Molly Rodrigano and her son for being awesome! Nancy Coronado

In memory of our nephew Yoshi Theodore Teagan. With love, Jenn and Dan Birnbaum 

Jennifer Robertson

In memory of Lucy. Forever in my heart. Janis Johnson

This donation is made in loving memory of Ringo Staffeld and in honor of his amazing mom, Erin Staffeld. Merry Christmas Erin! Love, Dez

In Loving Memory of Our Soulmate FBRN Rescue Lolo Poschmann, Craig Poschmann

From Heather and Luc (remebering Lola)

2019 Annual Donation. Keep helping those beautiful pups. Shannon Sladewski

Creative Dexterity's FBRN 12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser on December 6th (30%) in honor of my muse (Bonjour) Nino. Happy New Year! - Lauren & Nino (where ever he is in the frenchie universe) 

In memoriam: Our dear Angie’s Blackjack, you are in our hearts forever. All our love, Jeanví ève, Max, and Stéphanie

In memory of Francine on her 13th birthday, Brooklyn Brooklyn

FBRN - thank you for the work that you do. I make this donation on behalf of the two loves of my life, my rescue frenchies, Toostie & Saxby. Lee Doud

Patrick Vaughn

Stephen Spiridakis

In honor of Nikita Ikram. Melissa Schmelhaus

This donation is in honor of Nikita! Tim Kjeldgaard

Franklin Villamar

Christie L Miller

Kelli Pyle

For all the Frenchies in need. Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who make FBRN great!  susan lea

Use as you need it to save frenchies. Sara Speaker McBee

This is for the 12 Days of Frenchies extravaganza from Henry & Penny Treats! xoxo

On behalf of my brother's babies, Grizz and Giggles, so that other Frenchies may find a wonderful home like they have. Catherine McCarthy

Honoring a sweet dog named Pearl. Ann French

Clifton Daniel

Megan Southam

In memory of Gracie. Prayers for the new foster amputee. Poor little baby. Michelle Woolsey

In honor of The Sherman’s - Tammy, Robert, Leroy & Olive

We are donating in memory of Porsche (formerly Portia) who was adopted from you in December of 2010. Sadly she passed away this year after being diagnosed with advanced Lymphoma. She is dearly missed. Thank you for rescuing these incredible dogs. Sarah Annibale

In honor of Sara Stanger. Lauren Savidusky

In honor of Pumpkinpig's 12th birthday (17 December). Russ Talley

In honor of Frankie the Frenchie! We love you Frankie! Merry Christmas Katie and Jeff! Love, Shelby and Steven

In memory of Lulu Horn Cargile. Thank you FBRN for entrusting us with her care for 11 long years. We loved our Lu. Margaret Horn

This donation is made in loving memory of Eleanor (FBRN 2017 grad Aquitaine) and her beloved fur brother, Kip. They were loves of their furever mama's life and she misses them deeply. Until they meet again, I know that Eleanor and Kip are just out of Sandy's eyesight, always there for her when she needs them. May this donation bring some supplies and comfort to a smooshy pup in FBRN's care. xoxo. Jules Caruso

Andrew Mahaffey

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Christmas. Russ Talley

This donation is in memory of our friend Nino. Run free at the bridge, Dude. Always, Nance and Moose

In memory of Nino. We love you buddy. Moose

In loving memory of grad Nino. Love grad Max and his mom Deb.

We are donating this money in memory of Nino. :)  Mariana Paxton

In honor of Nan the Ham. Letitia Wallace


On behalf of our beloved Olaf. We thank you so much for all you do for French Bulldogs and want to have Olaf be a forever member of the community and memories. Brad and Kristan


In memory of Lola Puente . . . a very special frenchie. Patti Burns

Gift is in celebration of the marriage of Wayne Pauley and Susan Morgan! Dolores Rebolledo

In loving memory of Cookiepig. (30 June 2003 - 04 November 2015). Russ Talley

In loving memory of Oatmealpig (31 Oct 2001 -29 May 2012). Russ Talley

In memory of Dolly. 


 William French loyal companion and great friend to Dale & Julie


 In support of GivingTuesday from FBRN Grad Rosie Best

Trish Berresford

George Hopwood 

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Thanksgiving. Russ Talley

Chun Yen Lin

Kim Spencer 

Cheyenne L Ogden

#FrenchieGivesBack December Charity of the Month! Thanks for everything you guys do! SO excited to work with you this month! Frenchie Bulldog

Instead of Christmas presents my husband and I decided to donate to causes which are dear to our heart this year. French Bulldog Rescue Network is one of them. Thank you for your amazing work! You do make such a difference in the lives of those adorable creatures who need help. We make this donation in the name of our beloved late french bulldog Rufus and his very much alive sister Lillyfred. Best regards, Arlette & Marc Pandolfi

Kim Lersch

In memory of Hewie. Danielle Schwab

Thanks for letting us be a part of the 12 days of Frenchies! Barrel Dogs


In loving memory of our frenchie, Floyd. Gone but not forgotten. Megan Brink

 In honor of Carmichael turning 11, he has brought so much joy and lightness into our life since adopting him 7! years ago from FBRN. You guys are the best! WCH Enterprises

Sabrina Lahiri 

William S Moore

Amy Hakim

Kathleen Millgard

Lynn Jacobson 


This donation is in Memory of William French. 

Kim Hardy

Kristin Martin

Pamela Nunes

In memory of Bella Rose. Lorene Johnson

In memory of FBRN grad "Weeble" (Beauregard) who moved to Washington, DC to live with his adopted parents, who loved him very much, Cara and Phil Aftuck.

Joseph Rice

Jillian Vanderzell

Aurora Lavender Farm Fundraiser

Amy Surber

This donation is in memory of Matthew Lautar and his best friend Rabbit killed in a car accident in Oct. 2019.  Laurence Kramer

For the Frenchies from ZOOMIN Truman! Cherry Flaherty

In honor of Caroline Gundeck in celebrating her birthday and special love for French Bulldogs! Babette Haggerty

We celebrate Caroline Gundeck's birthday with this gift to the FBRN.  Caroline loves all animals but holds a special place in her heart for Frenchies!  Haggerty Dog Training.

Happy birthday to our two favorite bulldogs, Pierre and Bentley! From, Lola

Money raised at Barrel Dogs event on Saturday 2019-10-19. Caroline Phan

Donation in honor of beloved Frenchie Lola #lovelikelola  Christina Cruz

In loving memory of Finn (FBRN name - Mr Pink) - loved and missed by - Kristin Ralph  Hugs from Dad, Mom, Bobby, Jazz, Reign, and Darcee

In memory of Finn, (formerly FBRN grad Mr. Pink), the most beautiful and brave boy!! We love and miss you!! Debra & Beau

In Memory of Wendy Ann Geiselhart. Ray and Linda Layton

Bryant Ross

Rachel Click, Woofstock 2019

In honor of Tyler's birthday and in memory of his heart dog Henry. Susan Kendrick

See you at Frenchie Apple Picking! - Bitterman and family

New England French Bulldog Apple Picking Fundraiser. Jessics McGorty

Frenchie Apple Picking Event in Bolton. Amber Knapp

Donations received from our New England French Bulldog meetup group's apple picking adventure on 10/13/19! Michael Hanscom

My son, Evan Escajeda, asked for donations to the FBRN instead of gifts at his 13th Birthday party. Elisha Escajeda

OliveFrench. com 25% of profits donation

Memory of Spicy. Judy Agnew

New England French Bulldog Meet-Up group, in memory of my brother James.

Jennifer Clooten

Donation from Bad Tags for the FBRN specialty tags (26 total) sold in their Etsy shop from Jan-Sept. 2019.

Christine McQuillan

Lauren Melkus

In Memory of MACaroon. Michiko Ogata

Kayla F Photography 

Brittany Cook

Scentsy Fundraiser. Thank you for all you do! Kathryn Biwer

In honor of Jane Reagen's birthday. Craig Walker

Mark Hidalgo

In honor of my Frenchie, Bruno. All fur babies should be loved as much as he is. Thank you for the great work you do! Katherine Kersten

Saw the IG post by @boomerandbrinkley and wanted to help. Laurie Bryant

In honor of my favorite blue pig's 7th birthday (14 August 2019). She woke up with a cake hangover. Russ Talley

Hamid Zamanian

Keep up the good work! Jennifer Torson

"In Memory & Honor of our Sweetest MACaroon...
A Life so Beautifully Lived...
A Heart so Deeply Loved...
The Love and Spirits we share are Imperishable...
And Our Consciousness will last for Eternity..."


In honor of FBRN Grad Rosie ('14 Miriam Rose) Best's 12th Birthday on July 31st. A sweet soul that is adored and loved by her Mom and Dad.

The Milwaukee Bastille Days Krewe gave out a lot of kisses!

For the 5FBRNSENIORS. Jeanne Macomber

For all the wonderful seniors coming your way. Jill Calkins

From volunteer Hanna Baskerville and family, including the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Please put this toward the intake of the five seniors. xoxo Hanna

For the 5 seniors. In memory of FBRN grad Hubba Bubba. Locale Vintage

FBRN Declan wants to donate to other frenchies in need so they can get the attention they deserve!

My first frenchie and love of my life Casey was born 11/2003 and passed away in my arms on 6/4/2017.  I miss her so much! Kerryann Kearney


In memory of my Princess Carmel Latte on her first birthday in heaven. I miss you every second of every day Snugglebunny. Mommy always loves you Princess, always and forever. Happy Birthday. Laura Citerone

Amy Surber

Angels Animals LLC 

In honor of Edward of Two French Bulldogs. Kellie Thomas

In honor of Two French Bulldogs. Christie L Miller

In honor of Edward and Lily. Shannon Zapf

Donating in honor of Eddie Spaghetti in Irvine, CA. Irene Spears

In honor of Frenchie Bulldog fan, Meredith Dulaski Scheopner. Happy Birthday.Rhonda Womack

In Honor of the Wedding of: Brooke Perlman and Matthew Schrager. Jude Nash

In memory of Henry (1/13/2015-7/20/2019), loved and cherished by the Petko family, Jim Saxon

This donation is in memory of the fiercely loving Zsa Zsa, who was dearly loved by all who came into contact with her, most of all, her parents Mike and Christine, and her siblings, Luc and Emmy. She will be missed, but never forgotten! love, Katie, Trudy and Erica. 



Kim Hardy

Pamela Nunes 

Brianne Lay 

Joyce de Mello

Amy Surber

Tammy Wymbs 

From Rooster Cogburn, FBRN Grad

Gerald Boothe 

Steve Fleming

Nicholas Romano 

Agneta Gehrke 

Atoosa Salehi

In honor of Daisy's birthday 14 July 2013. Russ Talley

In memory of my 1st Frenchie Roxiepig (17 July 2003 - 16 June 2017) Russ Talley

In honor of Valentine, adopted from FBRN. Sweet girl passed away August 20, 2018. Sabrina Lahiri

In honor of Zelda Markowitz. Fur mom: Lucy Markowitz With love: Kat, Kelly, Jess and Erin

Daniela Keller

In memory of our co-worker's mother, Concetta Scullin. Carolyn Otis-Honeyman
In memory of Concetta Scullin. L.A. Keenan
In Honor and Memory of Concetta Scullin. Karen Conlan
In memory of Connie Scullin The Scullin Group. TJD Tech Inc
In honor of Connie Scullin. margaret lurio
Dear Connie, You are missed and you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.  Say "hello" to Buddy for us! Love, Bill and Mary Jane
Jennifer Chan
In Memory of Starsky Burford (adopted 2011)
Starsky, you commanded every room you entered and earned the title of The General.  We salute your incredible character and the way you warmed hearts and laps equally.  It was our honor to be your pet sitters, and we will cherish the joy you brought into our lives.  You will be missed dearly by so many, but none more than your mom Janise, dad Waldo, and brother Hutch.  With love, Sharon, Gina & Norm
In memory of Big Roxiepig (17 July 2003 - 16 June 2017) Russell Talley
In memory Raisinpig the best snuggler ever.. (7 June 2002 - 6 Feb 2011) Russell Talley
In memory of Cookiepig on her birthday (30 June 2003 - 04 November 2015) Russell Talley
In memory of Sara Krol. In sympathy with Garrett Cook. Macungie Mountain Herb Farm
In memory of Sara Krol. Nancy Landay
In Memory of Sara Krol, Garrett Cook's girlfriend. From Orit and Jeff Goldstein
In memory of Sara Krol. Jane Lord
In memory of Sara Krol. Rae O'Shea
In memory of Sara Krol. Reservoir Farm Studio
On behalf of : Thomas Joseph Burns and his betrothed, Robin Karol Marion Kimbrell. Susan Quandel
In loving memory of Stripey Raisinpig (7 June 2002 - 6 Feb 2011) Russell Talley
n Memory of Concetta Scullin may you rest in peace. Michael Siderakis

Happy #nationalflappyjowlday to Bucky the Frenchie. Tammy Epps

I am an FBRN volunteer and I was in my vet office where a lady who heard what we do gave me $47 to donate.  Carol Sutcliffe

In honor of bucky the frenchy's national flappy jowl day. Gail White

In honor of National Flappy Jowl Day! Amy Surber

National Floppy Jowl Day - Bucky. Jackie Aitken

Happy #NationalFlappyJowl Day FBRN! Dance Bucky dance! Michael Hanscom

In honor of @buckythefrenchy. Erica Schlaug

Rosa Romanelli

Billie Porter

In memory of my best friend Oatmealpig (31 Oct 01 - 29 May 12). She has been gone 7 yrs today. Russ Talley

Our special little guy Dobby has crossed over the rainbow bridge. We would like to thank FBRN for the privilege of taking care of this wonderful little guy for the past 5 plus years, he touched us deeply and we will carry him in our hearts till we reunite with him. From the moment we saw his picture on the available page till the second he closed his eyes forever, we cherished him. Love always Mom and Dad

In memory of Bobbin, the best boy ever. Our hearts are broken that we didn’t have more time together. Nobody was more loved than you. Julia Friedland

I know it's not much, but it is sent with love and good wishes. In memory of my sweet little boy, Ruckus, who left me last week, and who also had terrible allergies! Sharon Breazeale

In memory of my brother , Roy Marley. Caran Clinard

This is the fundraiser money from the New England Frenchie Social that was held in CT on 5/11/19.

Paws in the Park 2019

Donation in Honor of Captain Ma-Wysaske. Jerry Lee Davis

For the Turkey 4. Lauren Tyska

In honor of Tater Dickens. Lorna Lucas

For the 4 sweet babies from Turkey. Thank you for all you do. #remythefrenchiefry

Can't make the Saturday Social. Tilly wants to give a little something anyway. Hope everyone has a good time. Hope the weather holds up. Michael Garrison

Shannon Rhodes 

In memory of Porsche.. she came to my sister's family in 2010 when she was 2.5 years old. She had several litters in a concrete kennel, but came to know fuzzy plush blankets, stylish coats, toys and most importantly love. Our little niece was spunky and feisty, but also so sweet and sensitive. We will miss all the personality packed into that tiny pup. We will never forget Miss P. Lots of love. Angus waits for you on the other side. <3<3

In loving memory of the Roloff fur babies. Valerie Martinez

Scentsy Fundraiser - In Memory of Daisy. Kathryn Biwer

In memory of Doreen Plaisance. julie schmitt

In memory of Libby-Lou. She made the world a better place with her love and her lunatic smile. Leonid Bereslavskiy

Donation of proceeds from FBRN/Lil' Archie's online promotion

Manny Papalas

In honor of Honey Badger and Ali. Rosemary Macedo

In honor of Norman and Lisa Poggiali on her birthday. Eric Morse

In memory of Oliver. Linda Fishkind

Thanks for everything you all do!! Grace Gonzalez

For Ronin! So thankful that the universe connected us. Sharon Reynolds

Love your work guys. Thank you in the name of all Franchies in need out there. Lilos Design

In honor and memory of Louis Sheehan. Wendy Dyer

In honor of Louis Sheehan. Gilded Lane

Donation made on behalf of Anita Tedesco and her two French Bulldogs, Bane and Cooper. Jocelyn Bellemare

‘Though his life was short…it was perfect.’ Harvey, you will be missed. Sending all our love and doggy kisses to you, Jack and Ian.  Love, Tierney and Jax


This is the result of the Barrel Dogs 25% of all sales promotion! Thanks for all the great work you do! We love being able to support your efforts!

Shinobu Will

Michael Van Ness

Lots of hugs and kisses from a frenchie named Lotus Lu

Charles Simons

Hope this helps

Happy Birthday Debbi and thanks for sharing your love of reading and love of Frenchies with me :) Kathryn Thurston

Jessica Altemose

A little gift for my favorite pups. Ashley Merritt

To Livvy, Nessie, & Maggie: I loved both of you as if you were my own & will miss you both. Maggie, I wish I would've known you. To Pete & Guelay: I am so sorry for your loss. I wish there was more I could do to ease your pain. I love you dearly. Lauren Dempsey

In loving memory of our beautiful Stella Belle, who stole our hearts from the moment we first saw her and filled our house with snorts, laughter and love. Madeline Goodman

Cara Sooto

In memory of AdoreabullApollo who crossed the rainbow bridge this week. Gregory Sorbello

To the frenchies, with love from Ollie in honor of his first Birthday

In loving memory of Louis Valladares. kristina o'kelley

Love all of them. Ken Jacko

Talon Brehm

Donation is from So:Me Plush by the Chii Company from the 12 days of Christmas event. 

This is for 12 days of frenchies + donation from reindeer romp -BOSSPUP

This donation is in loving memory of Maeby, who passed Christmas Day 2018 and is already so missed by her parents, Leigh and Ryan; her feline siblings, Ben and Dexter; and all of their friends. SSDGM on the other side, sweet girl <3

In loving memory of Maeby, who, after battling cancer three times, crossed the rainbow bridge on Christmas morning 2018. Her parents, Leigh and Ryan, gave her a wonderful life filled with love and adventure. Maeby loved going to work with her mom and dad, playing with her friends, stealing the attention of everyone in the room (and the food of her feline siblings, Ben & Dexter), and being held like the precious baby that she was. This little Princess of Brooklyn was loved by so many. We will all miss her so very very much.


In loving memory of Buster Schwimmer. On behalf of Benji Schwimmer. Dr Patricia Ungar DVM

For my grand dog Rocky .... May he Rest In Peace and know he was loved .
Mama J 


In loving memory of our beautiful Stella Belle, who stole our hearts from the moment we first saw her and filled our house with snorts, laughter and love. Madeline Goodman




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2018 In Honor of and general Donations:

Here's to 2019! May many treats fall in your mouth. Hugs to you and all the FBRN fosters and volunteers! Love, Laura and Rebecca (proud moms of Audrey, FBRN Grad '16, now creating ruckus at the Bridge).

Thank you to Laura LeBoeuf for her help. Edie Cleary

This is a donation in honor of Luigi, a loving family member of Jan and Joe. Anne Miela


In loving memory of our love Monty. Susan LEA MORA

Amy Surber

In honor of Magnus. Mel Potosky

This donation is being made in honor of Hugo and Ike, with a special thank you to Nora and Brett for sharing these love bugs with the rest of us! jennifer heppel

In memory of Milo, the sweetest Frenchie ever. Dennis Beech

In honor of my beloved Zoe, March 4, 2006 - December 2, 2018.

Donation is the combined total of Creative Dexterity's FBRN 12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser on December 8th (35%) and our annual Bonjour Nino sale percentage donation. Happy New Year! Love and Snort, Lauren & Nino (my Frenchie muse)

Thank you to all of the volunteers that give more than can be compensated for with dollars. We will be always grateful for the opportunity we had 5 years ago to bring Murray into our family. He's now 9 going on 3 ;) From Adam & Maureen Stenin

Renee Glick

Daniel Aurigemma

Merry Christmas! Frank Lin

In memory of Maeby, the sweetest Frenchie. Nicole Lera

In memory of our beloved Spartacus (Feb. 2011 - Jun. 2018). We hope this helps in a smallmway to bring the love of a Frenchie to another family. Merry Christmas! Jennifer Sze Won Chan

Carson Fox

Donations made during our Black Friday Promotion!


This donation is in loving memory of Winnie, who passed November 24th, 2018.   Winnie was loved by her family, Dr. Stephen and Emily Godlewski, of Snelliville,  Georgia -- and is missed every day. The Chakett Club 


In memory of Joe formerly Joba adopted from FBRN who passed on in 2017. We miss him every day. Carol Harig

Thanks for letting us be a part of your 12 days of Christmas!! We are looking forward to working with you more in 2019! We'll be making one final donation after this one for the profits we've been setting aside for all our charities. Barrel Dogs


As a couple who has a special needs Frenchie. We know how expensive things can get. Instead of getting each other gifts we decided to donate to your foundation. Merry Christmas. Chris, Lauren, & Frenchie Lily.

Sebastian Lopez

Donation made in honor of David Zambrana for his leadership and guidance. June Ellis

To Megan and your massive heart that just can't wait to make every dog feel loved <3 Daniel Mauro

David, A donation had been made to the French Bulldog Rescue Network in your name. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Williams wedding

In memory of Bella Mia! We love you and miss you! Erin Barry

In loving memory of FBRN Grad Carson. Tamara R MacDonald

We miss you very much…..Nana & Papa


Merry Christmas. Hopefully this can help making sure some of the fosters have a Merry Christmas. Deborah Tullos

In honor of Tracie Thomas's birthday. Anna Kim

For your special day Mr. And Mrs. Dibuonaventura, a donation to the French Bulldog Rescue Network was made in honor of your beloved Rosie. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful life together. The Watsons

Because your organization means so much to Jonda and Whil McCutchan. Thanks for all you do. Gayle Ewer

A small donation in memory of my sweet Frenchie Newton who passed away recently at 13 years. Robin Riley

In loving memory of Violet Annabelle. Elizabeth Hamel

In memory of Ralphie, a beloved companion" from Grandpa, Mary, Sani, Margie, Annie, Carrie and Nancy

Veronica Farje

Joshua Massoud

Our FBRN Christmas rescue from 2010, Porsche (formerly "Portia") would like to give back to the awesome organization that united her with her forever home and her big Frenchie brother Enzo. Please use this for whomever needs it most. Christopher Annibale

This donation is to celebrate the birthday of Erik Morse. Lisa Poggiali

Jeffrey Peterson


Jamie King

from @frenchie_jackson so all pups can have a home like he has

Frenche Clothing is a new lifestyle brand that's geared towards french bulldog owners. We also take pride in giving back and helping others in need. We have selected your organization to receive 10% of profits from every sale we make. So you may expect monthly donations :) -Jerome Drew founder of Frenche Clothing

In special memory of the MacDonald Frenchies: Sophie, Poppy and Roscoe. The SW Team



Athena Pond

Andrew Meyer

In honor of Oatmealpig (10/31/2001-5/29/2012) on Halloween (her birthday). I miss her every day. Russ Talley

hailey lam

In memory of sweet Chou-Chou, that other pups may have a loving home too. Craig, Sammie, and all your friends and playmates miss you, Chouie. -- love, Judith & Dottie

This donation in memory of Vinnie Vaughn. Susan Ryan

In Memory of Violette, fur baby of Barbara Conway and Maura Lynch

In honor of Dr. Rob Dickerman and Ethel for Boss's Day! We are so thankful to be part of your team, and appreciate the great doctor, and person you are! ~Tory

In memory of our beloved Daisy for all the French bulldogs who haven't yet found their forever homes. Kate & Tyson Biwer, Independent Scentsy Consultants

Thanks for being awesome and helping out our smushed faced friends!! Barrel Dogs


Money raised from the New England French Bulldog group’s Apple picking meetup on 10/6/18.

Kissing Booth Donations from Woofstock!  Denise Galvin

I am donating for Sang's Birthday.  It is in honor of his pup that passed away in the winter of 2017.  I was Al's pet sitter/ auntie.  He was a very good pup, and we all miss him dearly.  Susie


In honor of my son Shawns birthday. Sharon Smith

5th Annual Apple Picking Frenchie Fundraiser - 10/6!!! Bevin Kennedy

In memory of Tara Blackwood, from Cara at NIAAA.

Our frenchie Peanut and I would love to adopt every precious rescue you offer, but since we don't have the resources for a frenchie farm (yet!) we hope this donation will help you continue to do all of the great work that you do for those sweeties. In Wellness Systems LLC

Little something from our furbabies Argo and Lulu. Steven Stotts

In memory of our little girl CeeCee's brother Whoopie who passed suddenly last week. Please use where most needed. Gregory Sorbello

Happy Birthday Mom! Hopefully this donation will allow other people to gain the happiness our Frenchies have given us! Love you! Marielle LaBerge

In memory of Cora Boo Berresford, one of the NC-10 group rescued in 2005. She was "mom" to many foster and resident dogs over her 13.5 years. RIP, sweet girl, we love you. Trish & Dave 

In loving memory of Bette Dennis. Yvonna Cooper

Rey Calcano


For dogs who need something extra special. Janice Duis

In honor of "Monte" Cappello 2004-2018 RIP. GLEN CAPPELLO

Made in memory of Chelsea Fruits. Morgan Sacchetti

help for the pups. Margaret Kuhta

In memory of our beloved Dottie, who we lost on July 5th. Lucille Taitz

This donation is made in honor of Clementine who has sadly crossed the bridge. Elizabeth Bane

In Loving Memory of our favorite French Bulldog Megabit.  Dorothy A. Pascale DMD, PA

Remembering Teeva and Max. Snuffleups.


In memory of the sweetest little gal, FBRN Grad Lucy (Champagne), sorely missed by her best buddy, Rosie. Forever loved and missed by her Mom and Dad. 

This donation is being made in memory of Georgie who brightened my life as well as so many others. Barbara Cox

In honor of Oliver. A sweet and funny boy. RIP. You will be missed.  Ilaina Meisler


In memory of Diesel. Jamie Eschbach

Happy birthday, Michele Potchebski Lewis from Small Dog and Nancy!

In lieu of gifts to our guests at our wedding on June 23, 2018 we have decided to donate to charities near and dear to our hearts. We hope this donation will help those Frenchies that need it most. We appreciate everything that your network does for this loving and quirky breed! Our fawn Frenchie Winston is one and a half years old and stole our hearts the day we picked him up and has been the king of the house since! -Eva & Matt

To help the babies, Sally Davis

Angi Malone

In honor of Sir Charles Barkley. Kelly Miller

This is honor of #nationalflappyjowlday from @buckythefrenchy

In memory of Dennis Gore. Aaron Battista

In memory of Oatmealpig (31 Oct 2001-29 May 2012) Russ Talley

In memory of Roxiepig (17 July 2003-16 June 2017) Russ Talley

In honor of the great Lulu Nasty and her 4th annual pool party. James Carney

In memory of Baker. Kristin Penny

In honor of Jessica Lynn Latus' 31st birthday! Jessica Collins

In memory of Moose Garrelts. James Kraft

in memory of Tammy Wilsford. nancy breedlove

In Honor of W&E 2018. Kaylen Davidson

This donation is in memory of Milo. He is deeply missed by his family and friends. Laura Gaines

This donation is for @lulunasty and #lulus4thpoolparty for donations to Frenchbulldog Rescue Network-FBRN from Instagram account @mocha1448

Donations from the Paws in the Park event in Sudbury, MA on 5/6/18.


In honor of Aiden Nugget’s 13th birthday! Amy Surber

In memory of Moose Garrelts. James Kraft

This donation is made in memory of Romey Buckles, who was a loving & faithful companion to Brenda & Mike. He was a wonderful greeter to all that visited & was loved by all. He will be missed. Much love from Fran, Pati & Susan

In memory of sweet FBRN boys, Amherst and Baker from Lucy and Rosie Best.

In honor of @ollieishandsome's Grandma. Love, The Moon Pieds

In honor of Dan Mudd and his frenchie son Pierre. Happy Birthday! Samantha Sauer

In honor of Trevor's forst birthday! Jill Coolik

In recognition of Cherie, Amy, Dan, and all the wonderful little dogs you rescue! Thank you for everything you do :) Tanya Achermann/Note/Note/Note

know it is not so much! But it is with all my love, I really love frenchies, are the sweetest dogs on earth! I like you organization, keep helping! Yajaira Vargas

In loving memory of a very special buddy Grommet.  You brought so much love & laughter to your will forever be missed & your memory cherished    xoxo Jamie Richley 

Brendan Aronson

Frenchie Friday with the Easter Bunny event in Hartford, CT.

Hope this helps the fur babies in need! HLP

In loving memory of Beauregard. Kara Peterson

In honor of Maciej Zylewicz and William Glass. Chase Reserve

Donation made on the behalf of Rachelle Howard. Michael Nunnery

Keep up the great work you do! Jeffrey Snow

In honor of my sister Julia Ashner for her birthday. She is the best French bulldog mama out there! Leonid Ashner

This donation is from the Kronos Marketing team in honor of Bristol Crawford, a rescue from FBRN. We send all our love, support and good vibes to Jill and Dave Crawford, Bristol's owners.

Gracie Freidhoff crossed to the Rainbow Bridge late today. She was always a princess and the life of the party.


Deborah Tullos

From Lynn, in NY

Donating in the name of a sweet patient of ours who recently passed away: Sir Laurence Olivier, french bulldog extraordinaire. Shawnese Kraemer

In honor of my granddaughter, Julia Antoci, and her french bulldog Harlowe. Lucy Perricone

In memory of the precious angel who died by accident. Julia D Chmaj

Lindsay Preston

In Memory of a special Frenchie, Lola Scavone <3 Gena Bevilacqua


This is in honor of a beautiful French Bulldog named Zoe. Isabel Hannah


Thank you Boscoe for getting through your is to hoping other Frenchies do too!!!  Marco Cervi

For any fur baby that needs it. APRIL GRAVES

Chii Company

It's not much, but hopefully it can make life a little easier for these puppers. Holden Sakala

Emergence Capital is making this donation as an employer matching donation for employee, Irina Weintraub.

Hope this helps with some of those sweet babies medical expenses. Sarah Herrera

In honor of Henri Le Frenchie. Whitney Taylor

In Memory of Suds by Jeff and Christy Cooper

Thomas Brandt

Elizabeth Conner

Melinda Sharretts 

In honor of Annie. She was so loved by her mama and daddy and went to heaven yesterday after being struck by a car. She was the sweetest, cutest little girl. Her family is devastated and she will never be forgotten. She never knew anything but love and joy. May she frolic in heaven until Betty and Bruce get there to join her in eternity. 


Deborah Tullos

n memory of my ZZ Pearl. I hope someone gets the help they need even though you could not. Jean-Marie Gargan


In loving memory of a good friend - Sandy Hertel - from Louise.  God speed Sandy.

Love helping the frenchies! Donation for 50% of sales from the 12 days of Frenchie Christmas promotion. BCHS Bingo

Don Brunette

In memory of Bodacious. He looked like Strudel and was such a sweetie! Cheri Stinson


In honor of Alan Bradshaw-Sheeley. Love always, and never forgotten- the Sheeleys.

This donation is in Ashley Bielawskis dog, Lulu's memory. Kristin Feeley

In honor of: Fortune, loving dog of Rob and Steph. Beth Loeffler

In memory of Mochi Loretto. A beloved pet of the Loretto Family. They are devasted by his loss. He was the best! Pamela Ross

Thanks for the good work you do! Charles Ferraro

Money collected in the donation jar I leave for FBRN at my dry cleaner’s. Laurie Schoenfield

2017 In Honor of and general Donations:


In loving memory of Sandy Hertel from the Neighborhood Festival of Lights

In memorium of Sandy Hertel. Karen Huntsberger

In memory of Sandy Hertel, a wonderful friend of FBRN. Bette Kaplan

In memory of our good friend, Miss Sandy Hertel in Buffalo, NY. -from Ocho in Colorado

Donation made in honor of Sandy Hertel a French Bulldog foster mom. RIP my friend, Love, Kathy and Tom

In memory of Sandy R. Hertel who passed away suddenly on December 27, 2017 leaving behind a special French Bulldog Bizzy. Bizzy has a new home and is doing well. Rest in peace Sandy. I miss you. Elbow

This donation is in memory of Sandy Hertel. Cheryl Zess

This is in honor of the memory of a very special friend to all!!! Sandy Hertel!!! Love, jill mack class of 73

In Memory of Sandy Hertel from Cheryl Scime Blanford

This is a donation for the Rescue in Memory of Sandy Hertel. I know Sandy loved your rescue and all the work all of you so generously do. She was a special friend. I know we'll all miss her. Kalynn Weiss

 In memory of Sandy Hertel and her awesome super star Bizzy Wonderful woman and friend. Doreen Cavill

Donated in the name of Lucy. Forever in my heart. Thank you for the gift of being her forever mom. Janis Johnson

In Memory of Sweet Fancy. Sharon Carson

We are always thankful for FBRN and foster family extraordinaire, Mama Terri & the Crooks, for giving Audrey ('16) a second chance to be her salty self living her golden years! Happy New Years from Rebecca, Laura, Princess Audrey & Sir Humphries

Dan Morgan

In loving memory of our first Frenchie, Stella. Melissa Andrews

This donation is a gift on my beloved Frenchie Betty’s 10th birthday. We feel very lucky to have had 10 wonderful years together and are looking forward to many more. We wanted to share some love on this special day. Thanks for everything you do x ALISON STEWART

Ian Fishman

Terry Julien

Angela Fleckenstein

Amy Peden

To my dear friend Cindy Scanlan. You inspire me! Thank you so much for our 30 years of friendship! Cheers to another year sister! Envy Beauty Studio

Timothy OToole

Jeff Knight

Donation is the combined total of Creative Dexterity's FBRN 12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser on December 10th (30%) and our annual Bonjour Nino sale percentage donation. Happy New Year! Love and Snort, Lauren & Nino (my Frenchie muse)

This donation is in memoriam of Roxy and Izzy Pekarske. Two amazing ladies who will be dearly missed. Heather Fields

Melanie Houlihan

John Kozej

From FBRN Grad "Carson" in memory of his Frenchie Forever Sissy "Sophie" who we lost this year to a brain tumor. Tamara R MacDonald

susan lea

mark kinarney

To Christian and Jennifer Everitt, from Thomas Everitt

Megan Kirk

Celeste Voce

Shauntel Jarreau

Merry Christmas Jody, Vinny & Sally  Love You Terry & Ron

Hugh Mellor

Carolyn Stratton

Daniel Aurigemma 

In memory of Diane Paleologos. Diana Heliotes

Looking forward to 2018 $10,000 Donation Goal. Deborah Tullos

This is a donation in loving memory of Leonidas Salumbides-Manousos, the Ultimate Bad Boy, Beloved/Feared By All. Laura Beck

In honor of the beautiful Ragi and the wonderful owners Michael and Linda who gave him a loving home. He will be missed. Anna Larson

Merry Christmas! Cynthia Henson

Dear Jody,Vinny & Sally "Merry Christmas" Love Jo & Joycie

Helen Allen

In loving memory of Finn and Leroy, and for the welfare of pups Jordi, Sukhi and any other smushfaces that need help. Oso and I love them all. Happy Holidays from Oso & Matt.

We hope the reindeer romp was a blast! Manny and Friends Foundation

Judy H Fukuda

In honor of our FBRN Grads Lucy and Rosie who fill our hearts with joy and love. Nancy and Dale

David Kuritsky


In memory of our darling Lulu in honor of Lisa Green's birthday. Brian Anderson


donation from @bug_co sales. Thanks for everything you do.  

Anna Soudrette

In Médor’s memory. You’ll always live in my heart. 8/20/2004 - 11/17/2017.  Suzanne Boule

In memory of Dewey! Thank you FBRN for taking him in for care. Your compassion is remarkable. -- Kristin Martin

Ryan Metz

In memory of Foster Dewey. George Hopwood

Thomas Brandt

Hoping this will help a little. Deborah Tullos

This donation is in Memory of Fancy the French Bulldog. When Fancy was adopted she was eight, nearly blind, and couldn't hear stemming from neglect from her previous owner. After adoption Fancy loved to take naps on cozy beds next to her sister. And she never turned down a meal! Fancy enjoyed five amazing rescued years in her forever home. This gentle soul will be missed so much. Lauren Krotz

Alexander Herrick

To support the good deeds of Terry Frias. Kathleen Salazar

In loving memory of Gigi Ficksman who was a sweet girl and will be very missed. Kelly Jeantet

Thomas Brandt

Hoping this will help a little. Deborah Tullos

This donation is in Memory of Fancy the French Bulldog. When Fancy was adopted she was eight, nearly blind, and couldn't hear stemming from neglect from her previous owner. After adoption Fancy loved to take naps on cozy beds next to her sister. And she never turned down a meal! Fancy enjoyed five amazing rescued years in her forever home. This gentle soul will be missed so much. Lauren Krotz

Alexander Herrick

To support the good deeds of Terry Frias. Kathleen Salazar

In loving memory of Gigi Ficksman who was a sweet girl and will be very missed. 

This donation is made in memory of Gus, the first Frenchie love of my life and a very good boy indeed, and in honor of my dear friend Lindsay, Gus's incredible mom. Amy Surber

Mel Potosky

Emergence Capital Matching Employee Donation on behalf of Irina Weintraub

Lisa M Stirnemann

Deborah Tullos

In honor of Cindy Archer - "Cindy to the Rescue" Our Thoughts are with you Steve - Love Marilyn (Moonflower) & Carla

Donation in honor of Meeps Ciccaglione's 12th birthday! Abbie DiMeo

In the name of #SecretSmilla and the season of giving! Love from Norman’s Gang, frenchie members- Louis & Jack 

Andrea Barrezueta

Please give to the baby who needs this most or share - I know not too much but so many in need lately. bridgette vanderlaan

In memory of Alan Bradshaw-Sheeley. Debra Hoffman

In memory of Alan and Dottie Bradshaw-Sheeley. You are missed but always with us, friend. -Adam & Monika

In honor of Alan Bradshaw-Sheeley from Crestview High School Class of ‘79. Cena H. Davis


Apple picking donation Bolton, MA Andres Lopez

New England Frenchie Meetup Group apple picking event 10/7/17 Rachel Click 


This is I'm memory of sweet Olive who left this earth tragically and far too soon. She will always have my heart. Belinda Wilkins 

Bernice Bell

Shelbi Scott

JU JU honored us with her adoption from FBRN in 2009. She was a puppy mill dog who lost her eye to cancer while in foster care, but she had enough love in that one eye that most have in two. She was our " laid back diplomat," except for our walks with her two sisters where she ruled the roost. She gave us much more than we could have ever given her. She crossed the rainbow bridge to joint doggie sister Ruby and kitty brother chief. Safe travels our dear friend..... until we meet again. Cindy Martens

Veronica Farje

Please try to apply this donation to dogs that have neurological problems. Any are fine though :) Stephanie Kube

In memory of Lilly, Gregory Sorbello

In loving memory of Leroy and Finn! Matthew Alpert

n memory of Stella, my10-year-old frenchie whom I rescued 6 years ago and had to say goodbye to last Friday. My heart aches with love and loss for my little girl. I hope this helps another "special needs" Frenchie get a second chance. xoxo Meredith Carr



From Woofstock in Hudson, Ma event

In loving memory of Baxter, the most happy and loving little guy who is greatly missed.  emily wahlberg

In memory of Tolstoy (a.k.a "Oy"). Miss you more than words can say. Sarah Bourget

In memory of Chloe Porier. Beloved best friend to Sandy Porier!  She was full of sass yet captured the heart of everyone she met! Jessica Ryan

chloemem2.JPG .  chloemem.JPG

In memory of Butters. Kathleen Milner



In honor of FBRN Grad Ava Gray (2007-2017) Love, The Moon Pieds

Dear Jared and Jess,  We had planned to do this awhile ago, but the idea fell through the cracks of life.  Happy, happy 2nd anniversary!  May these funds help out a Frenchie not as lucky as your two.  Much love, M & M

//////Donated in loving memory of two beautiful smush faces --- Leroy (@lucyandleroy) and Finny (@j.mcnulty) from the Where's Oso T shirt fundraiser! Matthew Alpert

I'd like to donate this in my wife's name, Meaghan McKeon. We love our Frenchie more than anything. Someday when we have a house we would love to bring one of your rescue Frenchies into our family. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do. Colin Sheckart

This donation is in memory to my sweet boy Rocco, who left us after a long fight with Congestive Heart Disease on Friday, September 1, 2017. He was 9 years old and he is dearly missed. RIP Rocco boy. Your memory can now help other Frenchies who need help. X John Rutherford

This donation is made in memory of Lady who was loved and cherished by the Eseed-Kim Family. Stephanie Shontz

In loving memory of Mario Celio. Forever in our hearts. Danielle Caloia

In memory of Kasey's life , happy birthday Bob! Xo Dana Dizon

In memory of my sweet Louis, the first Frenchie that stole my heart. Welcome to the FBRN family, Dragon. You are loved. xoxo Alicia Cervini

This is a donation in memory of Robert Reed DeFranco, one who cared about French Bulldogs.  Sherry Beckman

Happy Birthday Vera!!!! Christopher Gorbecki

In memory of Casey. Happy birthday to Bob Mikos. Lawrence Vasquez

In honor of Eliza. Scott Byrer

In honor of Kristin Moon's Midge Moonpied on her 12th Birthday! Brenda Schroeder

In memory of Robert Reed DeFranco, the loving brother of Meredith DeFranco and uncle to Des and Austin Alsbrook. Natashya and Brent send their love to the entire DeFranco family, but our hearts break with Mere. We love you.  Jennafer Narkiewicz

This donation is in memory of Reed DeFranco. Our sincerest condolences. The Fiorello Family

In Memory of Leiden. Gregory Sorbello

In Truffle's memory--much loved, never forgotten.  Judy Sasges

This is a donation in celebration of the wedding of Samantha Mills and Patrick Ness, who adore their French bulldogs! Lauren Gilchrist

Donation made in honor of Carol Barnette and Millie, from the Bastille Days Crew


Sally Hanson

In memory of Roxie (17 July 2003 - 16 June 2017) on what would have been her 14th birthday. Russ Talley

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORTIA!! The closest I could get to getting you a Frenchie for your birthday was to help one out a little bit in honor of you. I hope Dezz feels the love you feel for these smooshy dogs as he munches on some yummy cookies. Love you! -T 

In honor of François "Space Pig" Napoleon Dubé: Our ride or die homie for life! 


In honor of Andy Sim. Poreda Acupuncture

In memory of Cookiepig on what would have been her 14th birthday (30 May). Russ Talley

In memory of Gena, precious baby sister of Jake. Lynn McGinnis

In memory of Bacon, one incredibly smooth dude..with love from Bea

In the memory of Babushka. Thank you FBRN for all you've done for her!  Olga Kuklova

We will miss you Buster, safe travels across the Rainbow Bridge


Thugs for life Bacon! Rocky Eversman

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I know that you would love to save all of the Frenchies in the world. Jennette Harryman

In honor of Lindsey Raybourne. She's not dead. It's her birthday. Korey Stafford

In memory of Skipper. The Teddy Bear Project

In memory of Jim Stokes of Sto-Rob French Bulldogs, who will be sorely missed by the French Bulldog community and by one of his little girls, Juliette Curatola. 

In memory of sweet girl Rumor. Love, Beth/Note/Note

In memory of jolie -  dr. troy shell physicians regional medical group. love, ruth and john stockinger


In memory of Jax. He changed our lives and we miss him terribly!The Harris Family
In memory of Stripey Raisinpig who was born 15 years ago today. She is with Oatmeal and Cookie. I miss her every day. Russ Talley
In honor of Bacon, Guardian of the Salon

 From Sparkplug- a 2015 alum of French Bulldog Rescue Network

In Honor or Bridget Soronen Love, The DP Crew 

bridg1.jpg  bridg2.jpg

 Thank you all for all the work you do. Kimberly Craig

I'd like to make my donation in honor of a rescue that seems to have passed. I fell in love with Tripp & wish my apt would have allowed me to adopt him. Jeff Wozniak


In memory of Spud Tugman. Sarah Humbert 

This is is Memory of Bacon Caldwell xo. Thomas Delia

In memory of Oatmeal who died 5 years ago (31 Oct 01-29 May 12). She is with Cookie and Raisin in an urn with me. I never thought I could miss a "dog" so horribly. I just wish more people could be like Oatey. Russ Talley

In Memory of Ann Wright. Richard and Nancy Boudreau

This donation is in the name Bacon Little who was one of the most amazing dogs I've been lucky enough to know. Deathbound

In memory of Bacon Little. antisocial jewelry llc

In memory of Frenchie Lana Turner, who was owned by Amy (Laura) Turner of Las Vegas. Linda Weisenstein

In memory of Mazzy Rothlein. Cori Zuckerman Vallone

To help with medical costs to whoever needs it most!  -Candice and Anastasia

In memory of Pipsie. Rest In peace little gal. Greg Stanley
In Memory of Casey -

Casey was a precious and gentle little French Bulldog who was adopted by our friends and loved by all. Hearts = broken. Trish Witkowski

In memory of (Edith) Carol Barnette. Annette Heist

In the memory of Mattie (Moet Chandon "Bubbles" Ricardo Littrell

Proceeds from Orange County, CA, Pet Expo April 2017

This donation is made in honor of my two FBD's who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Bugsy and Coco. Marilyn Homer

From Lola-No in memory of Carol Owie Barnette, beloved friend and confidante.

In memory of Carol Barnette. With much love. Deb Warren And Max aka Slider the ninja frenchie. (13)

In memory of Pepper Snyder. Amelia Prueitt

In memory of Pepper Snyder. Jessica Ensminger

In memory of Carol Barnette who was a shining light to her many friends and will be missed by those who loved her. Love, Jeanne and Mr. T (FBRN Tirpitz)

In memory of our beloved Izzie..Thank you Destiny for all your help. Shauna Shea

Thank you for helping our Frenchie Friends in need! Renee Dekin

London, you will be forever in our hearts. Maximiliano Mayrink

Keep giving love to these dogs. Please don't give up on them. Jennifer Quinn

 In memory of our bright light, Mavyn. Crystal Hoang

In honor of Jill Crawford. Sarah Sheehy

Happy Easter to Amanda Dothard's family and the Pups. Michael Steenfatt

This donation is from Tank Bruggeman in Chicago. His friends from the Stryker Endoscopy sales team in Chicago wanted to help out the pups in need in any way they could. Tank hopes every dollar is spent to help pups who don't have it as good as him and he hopes they get lots of love, toys, healthcare and treats. He is especially excited to give out the treats. Tank thanks you for doing everything you do for the pups in need and hopes this helps!/Note/Note/Note

This donation is to honor Polly Walker and her beloved dog Diesel. Teresa Lowry


In loving memory of my sweet princess Libby! Adina Crowder

In honor of Meghan Reed who loves animals and would do anything for them! Happy 30th Meghan and this will help Ralphie feed more comfortable. Erica Reed

This donation is on behalf of Katie Marlow's Birthday.  Summer Turner

In memory of Tripp. Dennis Wolfe

In loving memory of Clara Rooks. Brent Nelson

In memory of Azalea, Love Velma WeitzIn loving memory of Gatsby. Lora Cole

Thanks Monsieur Cooper for your work to raise money for Frenchies! You are the cutest dog on IG! Nancy and Perry Como

This is for my coworker Irina, whose adorable dog Kie recently passed away. Adrian Mallinger

In Honor of Hiro the Frenchie, RIP 2009 - 2017  Angeline Khoo

From Bella Cunningham

Happy Birthday to Kayla Holland! from Melissa Whitman

Shana Horton

In honor of Bowie the Frenchie. Sarah Westerbrink

In honor of the memory of Azalea owned by Karl & Laurie Blyth.
Love Joan, Sally, Nicole, Susan, Mindi, Lauren, and Abbie


Donated in honor of Robbin's Birthday from Nancy and Ken

In loving memory of Libby from Seattle. Adina Crowder 

In memory of Sheena, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3/17/16. Sharon Wiggins

Angela Houck

From: Winston & Ruca Weir

In memory to sweet KD P. who is loved so much and is now playing with Tucker and Hooie in dog heaven. Ember Figgins


In memory of my snugglepig Raisin. She has been gone 6 years today (6 February 2017).  I was lucky enough to be able to adopt her granddaughter, "Pumpkin" who is goofy just like Raisin was. I miss Raisin every day. Russ Talley

In loving memory of Beau Silva. Mark Silva

In memory of Clyde Lawrence. Richard Kashuk

In loving memory of our friend and fellow FBRN Grad Chorizo. Love, Sully, Finn & Kristin

Thank you all for your continued good work !! Josephine Berkshire

Frenchie lover in Brooklyn. Luiza Grimberg

For my partner Adam Goldsberry, in honor of Trixie Matthews - she left us Jan 24, 2017. 


Thank you for all that you do for frenchies in need! Lydia Collins