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Are you hosting a birthday party—your own or your canine’s? Celebrating a retirement? Getting hitched? You might consider inviting your guests to make a donation to FBRN in lieu of gifts. Several of our supporters have come up with fun and creative ways to combine the celebration of a special event with their love of French Bulldogs and FBRN! 



Join FBRN Volunteers in a wide variety of responsibilities. 
If you'd like to volunteer, you should have flat-faced breed or brachycephalic experience (or verifiable rescue experience), a veterinarian's reference from your current vet, and 2 references from people not related to you who can attest to your dog skills.
If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your information through this link. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with additional information.

We Need Your Help

It costs a great deal of money to rescue these dogs, and we depend on the generosity of people like you to be able to continue this work. There are many ways you can help us....

Give Money 

The fastest way to help is to donate money. Please click on the bone anywhere on our website and give what you can. The number of Frenchies coming into rescue is skyrocketing, many are in dire condition, and our needs are growing. Donations to FBRN are tax-deductible! Does your company have a matching funds policy for employees' donations to charitable organizations? If so, take advantage of this option when you donate.

Gift certificates to dog-related sites are always welcome! A very generous sponsor once donated $1000 to us to buy whatever our NC-10 puppy mill survivors needed through J-B Pets. And J-B Pets gave each of our NC-10 dogs a bed when they heard who the gift certificate was for.

If you'd like to send a check, please make it payable to: FBRN, PO Box 4764, Glen Allen, VA 23058-4764

Donate Goods

Donate dog related items to FBRN. We especially need crates, beds, collars and leads, bowls and toys. De-clutter and help FBRN! Some of our dogs come to us without a dish or a toy to their names, and many dogs are fostered in cold weather areas of the country and would love a coat or sweater your own Frenchie won't wear. If you have goods to donate, send an email to Denise Marques, our donations coordinator. She'll get your gift to any Frenchie you specify, or find one who could put your gift to good use.

Sponsor a Dog

Many of our donors sponsor a specific dog on our Foster page, and like to watch the site as "their" dog is rehabilitated and rehomed. Others sponsor a dog in memory of their own or another’s beloved dog or pet. A lovely way to honor a French Bulldog’s person is to donate in their name for a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion.

Memorial Page

beautifulphoto.jpgWe have a page devoted to memorials, where donations can be made to honor the life of a human or canine friend or family member. Share your memories and express your sympathy with a message we'll post on the page.


Shop at the FBRN Boutique and Zazzle. Retail therapy is good for you and for our Frenchies in need! Each purchase contributes to helping FBRN. We are also represented on iGive, so if you shop online, please take advantage of the opportunity to donate through iGive's portal.


FBRN needs foster homes with French Bulldog or other flat-faced, bull or terrier breed experience. We need foster homes for healthy dogs and puppies, as well as medically challenged or temperamentally difficult dogs. Occasionally, we need an overnight or very short-term foster home. You should know that you might have your foster dog for two months or more, depending on whether the dog requires extensive rehabilitation. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your information through this link.


Dogs may come into rescue hundreds of miles from a suitable foster home. When you become a volunteer, you can help move dogs to their foster homes by driving a leg of a transport, usually less than 100 miles. It's a great way to meet other volunteers and spend time with Frenchies!

Spread the Word

FBRN has downloadable info that volunteers can print and share, a banner and visual aids for local Pet Expo type events and more. You and your fellow French Bulldog enthusiasts can get together for a day of fundraising and education in your community. Don't forget to bring your friendliest Frenchies to be ambassadors for the breed. Plus, if you have a website, please LINK to us! If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your information through this link. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with additional information.


FBRN is always in need of funds. Do you know of a company that could supply the Rescue Mall with merchandise for sale? Do you have a good fundraising idea? Contact Amy and Dan Nykolayko, our Fundraising Coordinators.

Ebay Sales

Did you know that you can designate all or a portion of your eBay sales to be donated to FBRN? FBRN is a registered charity with Mission Fish, an organization that works with eBay to arrange for donations through eBay auctions. When you set up your eBay auction, just designate FBRN as your charity!

Recycle Your Empty Ink Cartridges

FBRN is registered with cash4cartridges. Read here to find out how you can help us raise funds by sending in your empty ink and toner cartridges that qualify for recycling. 
FBRN is registered with cash4cartridges
Read here to find out how you can help us raise funds by sending in your empty ink and toner cartridges that qualify for recycling. 

Thank you for sharing your time, your talents, and your donations with us. The Frenchies in our care today and in the future will benefit from your participation in FBRN.