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Location: Southern Louisiana
Age: 4 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 22 pounds
Kids: Older dog savvy children only
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $400
"Winter came from a bad situation and was skin and bones when she arrived in foster care. She was covered in scales and scabs with no hair to speak of. It has taken 1 year to get her healthy enough to look for her new family. Let's make it an excellent one, she deserves it!"

Winter has several allergies including storage mites and human epithelia (she can't sleep in the human bed). She is also allergic to cats and must never be around them. Winter must remain on her current raw/canned diet and several supplements: Nature’s Farmacy Dogzymes Phyto-Flex, Nature’s Farmacy Dogzymes Cran-Tri-C, and Nordic Naturals Omega-3. She receives monthly Cytopoint shots, frequent medicated baths, and daily immunotherapy sublingual drops. Winter has a history of skin infections, including Staph, skin masses, and facial hair loss that must be monitored for recurrence. She also has a history of ear infections which must be monitored for recurrence.

Winter suffers from chronic acid reflux and must remain on daily Pepcid. She also suffers from inappetence. Sometimes she will eat her food and other times she needs to be spoon fed.

Winter has IVDD with limited hind-end mobility and has a cart for supervised use. She is urinary and fecal incontinent and must continue a daily home physical therapy program. She must always be carried up and down stairs and must not be allowed to jump off furniture. She has a history of urinary tract infections that must be monitored for recurrence.

Winter has brachycephalic airway syndrome. Her breathing must be monitored during exercise or play and she must wear a harness when going for walks, never a collar or choke chain.

Winter suffers from general anxiety and currently takes Prozac.


Adorable Winter is ready to find the perfect forever home! Winter is a funny, affectionate girl. She will require a loving family that wants to take care of her and all of her little quirks. She loves snuggling with her favorite person and the other dogs in her foster family. Winter walks pretty well and loves going outdoors in her stroller and for car rides. She also really enjoys spending time with children. If snuggling and going for leisurely strolls is your thing, keep reading, Winter could be the one for you!

Winter will do best living with someone who can be home with her all day. She does not like to be left alone and cannot be crated. The best home for Winter is one with a fenced yard and no stairs. If her new home has stairs, they must be blocked so that she does not try to use them and further injure her back. Winter loves children, but due to her back issues, she will need a forever home with older dog savvy children.

Winter adores other dogs! She would love to live in a home with other pups to snuggle with. One of her favorite things to do in her foster home is "mother" the other dogs she lives with by cleaning their faces and ears. If she isn't snuggled up with her favorite person or another pup, she can be found chewing on a Nylabone while curled up in her favorite bed with her pink blanket.

Winter's new owners must be willing and able to care for her special needs. Winter walks with impairment due to her IVDD. While she can run, her back end tends to get away from her. Winter is both fecal and urinary incontinent and will need to wear diapers. She is allergic to almost everything including human skin. She has masses on her own skin and hair loss on her face, ears, and feet due to her allergies. She also has very bad acid reflux and requires medications daily. Winter takes daily medication for acid reflux, anxiety, allergies, and gets allergy shots monthly. She also takes standard supplements daily. Winter can also be temperamental to feed. Some days she eats all by herself and others, she requires spoon feeding. This certainly sounds like a lot for one little French bulldog, but for Winter, it is all worth it. She is a sweet and well behaved little darling who only barks and get excited when someone is at the door. We think she’s also pretty excited about getting her own forever home very soon too!

Winter's foster family had this to share about her: "Winter came from a bad situation and was skin and bones when she arrived in foster care. She was covered in scales and scabs with no hair to speak of. It has taken 1 year to get her healthy enough to look for her new family. Let's make it an excellent one, she deserves it!"

If you would like to adopt Winter, be prepared to travel. Winter is being fostered in Southern Louisiana and will not be shipped. FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.



I hope you get better Winter! -Kate

Feel better! This is your season, Winter! Elizabeth Phan

Winter you are loved! Anne Robinette

In love with you winter! I wished I could do more! I pray you find a great home! Sonia Sistrunk

Good luck on your recovery, Winter! We're donating in loving memory of our sweet French nugget Bowie who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. 3 Franchesca, Jeff & Miso

Happy Easter, Winter! I hope that you're doing better and I hope that more people donate to you! I love you, Winter! -Kate

I hope you're doing better, and I hope you find a home soon, Winter! I love you! -Kate

love you, Winter! Get better soon. Mary Joyce

Be well, Winter. Matthew Arseneault